This is one versatile sauce. You can use it for pastas, ravioli and of course your PIZZA! Many people call it by different names. It’s red pasta sauce, tomato pasta sauce or pizza sauce.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 Mins
Yield: good for 2 pizzas / for pasta serving 2 people.
Ingredients: –
Pizza Sauce

  • Tomatoes – 400 gms (boiled or steamed) you can used canned ones too
    • steamed) you can use canned ones too.
      • Garlic – 1 large clove (add 2-3 cloves as I love garlic)
        • Olive oil – 2 TBSp
          • Dried Oregano 1-2 tsp
            • Dried Italian herbs 1 -2 tsp
              • Salt as per taste
                • Pepper as per taste
                • Pizza Sauce Recipe:
                  1. In a pan heat up olive oil.
                  2. Add garlic and sauté a little.
                  3. Crush the tomatoes using hand or blender. Ensure its smooth paste. Add the paste to the sautéed garlic. Cook it for 5-10 mins until it is a thick paste.
                  4. Add dried oregano. If you want, you can use mixed Italian herbs too.
                  5. Add salt, pepper as per taste. Cook for 2 mins and then cool the sauce.

                  Tip: For Pasta sauce add some fresh basil and keep the consistency more loose.
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