Bombay Brasserie Restaurant Review

Bombay Brasserie Restaurant Review

Bombay Brasserie Restaurant Review – Vegetarian Options

Having read good reviews, I was waiting to visit this restaurant! Bangalore is their latest addition after opening in Chennai and Kolkata.

My friends and I decided to go down for a nice lunch here. Getting a place on a weekend here is a task! They don’t take reservations so better be there when it opens! We were there by 12:30-45 pm. After 30-40 minutes in the sweltering heat, we got inside in the comforts of A/c.

The high ceiling, white and blue colours make this place elegant, open and relaxing. It wears the shabby chic look. Every nook and corner filled with antiques like old typewriters, fans and tonnes of dabbas (old tiffin boxes) giving it a quirky touch. Overall a nice warm place to eat. They have an outdoor seating, perfect for winters.

This place offers India cuisine with a twist! They created the WOW moments with their food presentation. Each dish has been carefully crafted. You can see the hard work gone into creating the menu and different presentation style for each item. I am a vegetarian and I was happy they had a lot of veg choices!

We were parched in the heat and went on to place our drinks orders first. I ordered Kairi Sherbet (Raw Mango drink) and it was perfect. Balanced the sweet tangy flavours, just what I needed! My friend chose to walk down the memory lane with the Juhu Beach Gola. For those who don’t know about Gola. It’s crushed fine ice serve in different flavours. Her choice was the famous ‘Kala-Khatta’. As soon as it hit our table she was like a kid in a candy store. We even tried the Paan Milkshake, not my favourite.

Drinks -Bombay Brasserie Restaurant

To start off we ordered the Aam papad paneer and gunpowder potatoes. The best dish that we tried! It was sublime. Juicy soft paneer just melts in your mouth. The sweet tangy sauce just dances on your tongue. You can fault this dish! The gunpowder potatoes were fun and loved the perfectly cooked potatoes. Not overdone or under. We noticed almost all tables having white little-stuffed rotis kinda thing! They were cheese stuffed Kulchas. They looked amazing! One had to close their eyes as they take a bite of them. So good…and definitely a cheese lover’s dream, no wonder my husband enjoyed them a lot!

Starters - Bombay Brasserie Restaurant

For the Mains, we ordered the Bombay Lunch and Chatka Chhole Kulchey. I must say their presentation is where they get 10/10. The Bombay lunch came with vegetable curry with crunchy rice fried vermicelli. Served with coconut rice wrapped in banana leaf. The curry also had coconut undertone to it. It signified subtle coastal flavours wonderfully.

The Chhole Kulchey on the order hand was tasty but a little too oily. The kulcha was nice too. We ordered churchur paratha just because we loved the name! We were not disappointed, it was flaky and crushed paratha with a very chatpata taste to it.

Mains-Bombay Brasserie Restaurant

In spite of being stuffed with all this food, we ordered one dessert and share amongst all four of us (all try hard to watch our waistline). Mango is in the season we went for RAS-E-AAM. The entry of dessert was rather dramatic. With smoke arising out of the bowl gave it a very ‘Shaahi’ feel.

RAS-E-AAM - Bombay Brasserie Restaurant

It was 2 roshogullas topped dunked in rabdi with aamras on top. The presentation again upped our expectation. But, we were very disappointed with it. The rabdi was thin and for some reason had an odd tangy flavour to it. It was a very so-so dessert. Maybe it was an off day for desserts. Hope next time they surprise us with a wonderful dessert. You always want to end your meal on a high note!

Eating food is all about the taste and overall experience. This place offers a great food experience from the look to the taste! Overall a great place, warm staff & wonderful food. You guys should definitely try and share your views with me.

My Ratings
Bombay Brasserie, Indiranagar
Cuisine: Morden Indian
Ambience: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Opening Hours:  Monday to Sunday 12:00noon — 12 Midnight

Address: 2989/B, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar, HAL 2nd Stage,
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Telephone:080 4147 1004

Price Range: Rs1500 for two approx.

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Tim Tai Asian Restaurant Review

Tim Tai Asian Restaurant Review

Tim Tai Asian Restaurant Koramangala

Last week has been a lot of eating out….and tried out another restaurant in Koramangala. My new friend Tina took me to TIM TAI restaurant in Koramangala. This is a pan-asian restaurant. So you can get your Dimsums, Thai Curries, Malaysian Rendang. The also offer some of the Cambodian and Indonesian cuisines.

The décor of this place is beautiful. The glass ceiling allows the natural light giving it a nice casual feeling. The yellow colour aids in making this place very bright and friendly.

We greeted with a smile and our server Indira was awesome. He was quite sweet and prompt throughout.
Their menu is quite exhausting and one can take a really long time to decide! I am in love with dimsums. So, for starters, we ordered rice & lotus filling wrapped in banana leaf dimsums. For mains, I ordered a vegetarian Steamed Noodle with Burnt Garlic and Char-Grilled Eggplant. My friend chose a non-veg option of Crispy Rice Vermicelli topped with spinach with chicken.

Tim Tai Restaurant KoramangalaI can’t review the non-veg option as I didn’t eat it. My friend loved the flavours but found the chicken a bit dry.

The dimsums were sublime! I loved each bite of it! They were so good that I didn’t need the sauce they served! The warm sticky rice stuffed with lotus stems and other minced veggies! The stuffing had a beautiful and delicate taste!

After asking, the server informed that the main dish that I ordered was perfect for 1 person. But honestly, 2 people could have eaten that dish.

The flavours of the dish were nice and mildly spicy. It filled with tonnes of veggies which I loved and the noodle cooked to perfection. The sauce was very rich and creamy with tomato base to it! For reasons, I can’t pinpoint the dish was very heavy on the stomach. I couldn’t take the second helping! So I was a little disappointed with this dish, especially after a cracker starter!

I am not ready to write off this place just yet as there are plenty of vegetarian dishes to choose from. Next time, I will order something else and keep you guys updated! For now, here is a summary.


Tim Tai Restaurant, Koramangala

Cuisine: Asian
Opening Hours:  Monday to Sunday 12:00pm — 3:30pm and 7:00pm — 11:30pm

Address: 130, 1st Cross,

5th Block, Koramangala,
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Telephone:080 6569 8888

Price Range: Rs1500
Takes Reservations: Yes


Ambience: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
The Black Rabbit Restaurant Review

The Black Rabbit Restaurant Review

The Black Rabbit Indiranagar

My friend and I visited this place for lunch. This restaurant is on 100 feet road next to 12th Main in Indiranagar. The same of the restaurant confused me and always wondered what cuisine they served! Well, it is Continental.

The decor of this place is very rustic. Uneven wood plans for table setting adds to the rustic charm. They have nice outdoor and indoor seating.

The Black Rabbit Review Indiranagar

We were famished and placed an order for the mains. She went for English Pub Pie and I chose the Crispy Aubergine Parmesan Sandwich. For dessert, we ordered Profiterole with Caramel & Custard.

The English Pub pie was nice. A baked puff pastry encasing the pot. The filling was mushrooms, water chestnut, leeks, potatoes. This was served with masala bread and salad. I had a taste and the filling nice and creamy. My friend felt it was more like a stew. I expected it to be of thicker consistency as it said pie. Nevertheless, the taste so really nice and water chestnuts gave a nice crunch to this dish!

My sandwich had beautiful flavours. The Marinara sauce was tasty and complimented the crispy aubergines. This was served with fries and crispy onions. Trust me the crispy onions were awesome (Well fried things are…)!! I enjoyed my sandwich a lot. The only thing I wished for was a warm marinara sauce. By the time the sandwich hit the table it was cold. But, it tasted so good!

Then came the Profiteroles served with brandy snap & vanilla ice-cream. The dessert looked so decadent!! The big caramel and custard filled profiterole was dripping with chocolate sauce. The nut praline sprinkled on top added right amount of crunch to this dish. The ice cream was smooth and the brandy snap was perfect. This dessert was incredible! I have to make this sometime soon!

Our server Rinku was really sweet and served us with a smile. He checked on us. The only drawback was that the food took a little longer or maybe we were just too hungry! We paid around Rs 900 for this meal. We left with happy tummies! Check below for my summary and ratings. Please share your experiences as well.

The Black Rabbit, IndiranagarCuisine: Continental

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am – 2:30pm

770, 12th B Main Road,
HAL 2nd Stage,Doopanahalli,,
Indiranagar, Bengaluru,Karnataka560008

Telephone:080 4512 8607

Map: Link


Ambience: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Price: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 

Chianti Italian Restaurant Indiranagar Bangalore

Chianti Italian Restaurant Indiranagar Bangalore

Chianti Italian Restaurant Indiranagar Bangalore

Last Thursday, my husband and I dined at Chianti, Italian restaurant. It’s been a while since we had been to this restaurant. And let me tell you it’s my favourite when it comes to Italian food. We went to Indiranagar one, they also have one in Koramangala.

I really like this place for many things. The ambience, service and of course the food! They have ample seats so you won’t be standing in a queue for long. In winters it’s nice to seat in the outdoor area. But it can get noisy as it next to the 12th Main road Indiranagar which is always crowded. I love quieter places; hence I always end up inside.

They ambience is very warm and comfortable. The yellow lights and the wine cellar pillars add a romantic touch. If you want to take someone out on a date, this place would definitely be a good choice. The staff is always nice and the service is quick.

We placed our ordered for Mozzarella Fritta for the starters or should I say ‘Antipasti’. For the mains, we went with Gratin Di Verdue and Tortellini Di Gamberetti.

We didn’t order wine this time but they have a good collection. If you love your wine, you should check out their list and the servers may even help you choose one.

Chianti Italian Restaurant

As we waiting for our Antipasti, they served a complimentary Bruschetta, but you have to put it together yourself. For people who never visited Chianti, here is what you should do! They will serve you a platter with bread, garlic, basil leaves and roma tomatoes. First, take the garlic and brush (more like grate) over your bread. Then take basil leaves repeat the process followed by tomatoes. Viola! You’re done, enjoy you’re the fruits of your labour! If you are still confused, please ask the servers there they will be happy to help.

The Mozzarella Fritta are deep fried mozzarella dressed with balsamic vinaigrette. I felt the little drizzle of balsamic vinegar’s sweet-tart flavour lifted the dish. The fritta’s were nice and crispy and oozed with cheesy-stretchy mozzarella. Cheese Heaven! They also gave us a complimentary bread basket. I love eating warm bread dip in olive oil & balsamic vinegar! Yummm…

Gratin Di Verdue was a pleasant dish. Loads of vegetables baked in creamy tomato sauce with melted mozzarella on top served with pesto-bread. I liked this dish as I am a veggie lover but for someone who hates too many vegetables this may not be a good choice. The downside of the dish was the zucchini. For some reason, it was extremely bitter. I ended up leaving it out. On the flip side, the creamy sauce was quite nice.

I loved the Tortellini Di Gamberetti more. Fresh homemade pasta cooked with tomatoes, basil, olive and parmesan cheese. This dish was also served with pesto-bread. The pasta cooked ‘Al Dente’. This dish had simple flavours with just enough sauce. It was a pleasant dish and I was happy with it.

We didn’t order a pizza this time, but they are fantastic! They are thin crust pizza with many options to choose from! We didn’t order the dessert but I am sure it will be good! But this place can be a bit pricey, hence don’t visit it as often.

Overall, the dinner was fun thanks to my husband. It’s always a perfect setting with good food with even better conversations!

Below are my ratings…

Chianti Restaurant, Indiranagar
Cuisine: Italian
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00 – 2:30pm and 3:30pm – 11:00 pm

Indiranagar Address:
960, Next To Gold Gym,
12thMain, HAL 2nd Stage,
Indiranagar, Bangalore.
Koramangala Address:
12, 17th Main,
1st Cross, 5th A Block,
Koramangala, Bangalore.

Indiranagar Telephone:09886091692
Koramangla Telephone:080 4113 2021
Indiranagar Map:


Koramangala Map:



Price Range: Rs1200 (without drink & dessert)
Takes Reservations: Yes

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Overall: 3.8/5