Hi guys, I am Madhur… and needless to say, I am a foodie! Although a marketer by profession, food & cooking has been close to my heart ever since I was a kid. It is very gratifying for me to see happy faces and eyes filled with love for the food prepared by me.

I was always curious when it came to food. My mum loved cooking and I guess I get the love for food ‘BUG’ and the inquisitiveness from her. I would follow her into the kitchen to see what she was up to. I would sit on the kitchen platform and watch her spring up a variety of delicious food. Be it besan laddoos, puran poli, chakli & chiwda or the everyday food, I wanted to know it all.

I would even turn our dining table into a restaurant and pretend to be a chef dishing out scrumptious food! As I grew up I started trying different cuisines…failed and learnt from it! Pasta, Pizza, bread, cake, cookie and not to forget our very own Indian cuisine.

Over the years’ travel played an important part in my food journey. It opened up a whole new world of new ingredients. Due to my job, I travelled to different parts of India and after my marriage, I moved to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was the starting point for travels and new food encounters! I visited different countries and tried the local food. Many think being vegetarian can be a big road block, but I think otherwise. Yes, it’s true that options might be lesser. You might even miss out on traditional meat dishes but it is still possible to get veg options! All you need is an open mind which is ready to experiment (veg food of course).

From Hong Kong, I moved to Bangalore. I wanted to learn more about food, especially baking. I ended up enrolling for a six-week certification in baking at Lavonne Academy. This was one awesome experience. Here I learnt many techniques. I gained kitchen knowledge & etiquette which will stay with me forever. I took up baking as a profession and started my venture Dessertable. Being a home baker left me yearning for trying my hand’s different foods. And soon realised although I love baking profession…I wanted to just cook and share!

And this blog site is born not only because of my passion for food but also out of the need to share! I want this site to be a place for everything related to food! Be it recipes, ingredients or sharing experiences. That’s what I aim to do here, to part with whatever I have learnt over the years. I want to share my experiences, what my mother &grandmother taught. Also, professional tips from the chefs who trained me and of course all the tricks from my peers.

I look forward to interacting with you all. I urge you all to share your views and reach out if you want to me to try out any recipe (as long as it’s veg). I hope you enjoy my recipes & blogs.